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A Modern and Flexible Alaska Home School Option

Enrolling with IDLC is easy. We use the Brightways student management system to make your enrollment, ILP creation, and student records management as simple and easy as possible.

Please contact us with questions or to check out more if the IDLC is the right fit for you and your family.
Make sure your questions are answered. Either call or email us to make sure this is the right choice for you and your family.
Click the 'Enroll Now' button below to enroll in Brightways Student Management System.
Schedule an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) appointment (in-person or virtually) with an IDLC staff member.
Begin learning with your chosen and approved curricula and/or instructional vendors.
Work with IDLC staff to answer any questions, plan for upcoming opportunities, or request reimbursement for educational expenditures. We are here to support in any area of educational need.
Depending on student need and district requirements, work with IDLC staff to report on student academic progress throughout the year.
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Brightways Learning

Brightways Learning provides an accredited home school curriculum that ensures your child gets a great education.

Acellus Learning Accelerator

Accellus Learning Accelerator provides technology that helps home school students and teachers achieve solid results.


Parents are the instructors, but Distance Learning Center teachers are here to support your family’s journey.

Acellus Learning Accelerator

Elevate test scores and increase student engagement with Acellus technology.

Acellus is a learning accelerator. It combines video-based lessons with cutting-edge technology to improve academic performance. It’s currently being used in thousands of schools and home schools across the United States because it improves learning outcomes, reduces dropout rates, and helps students successfully transition into college or enter the workforce after high school.

Acellus developers study the way students learn to identify obstacles to learning and come up with creative ways to ignite each student’s interest in learning. It incorporates a range of different techniques in order to get students engaged in math, science, social studies, language, history, and more. It’s a straightforward way to deliver home school programs and track student progress.

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Brightways Learning

Every Student Deserves a Great Education, Wherever They Live

Brightways Global Academy is an accredited K-12 school that supports personalized learning with a flexible curriculum, individualized instruction, and certified teachers. It has two locations, one in Missoula, Montana, and one in Wasilla, Alaska. Brightways Learning provides solutions for families to help them provide an outstanding level of education, no matter where they live.

Distance Learning Center uses Brightways Learning to improve workflow and bridge communications gaps. It has fast and intuitive web-based tools that make it easy to create Individual Learning Plans, manage student information, streamline communications, track progress, manage enrollments, generate transcripts, and much more. It’s a one-stop shop for home schooling.
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Distance Learning Center Methodology

Get support from the qualified teachers at Distance Learning Center.

We firmly believe that excellence in education can be created in a home school environment. Our system is designed to ensure each student’s educational needs are met while providing a flexible academic schedule that utilizes various modern educational resources. Parents are the primary instructors, and they partner with our qualified teachers to deliver the curriculum. We will provide you with the means to develop, improve, and enhance educational programs for your children.

Our qualified teachers are always available to support home school families. We welcome your calls, visits, and correspondence! We don’t do any direct teaching – instead, our qualified teachers support parents with guidance, ideas, and recommendations.  Together, we can help your child achieve academic success.
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